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Bike Track Days

Bike Track Days

Have you enjoyed our Bike Attack and ACU testing sessions at the circuit but are looking for that little bit more?

We have had several requests to run bike track days at Three Sisters Circuit and now is your opportunity to bring your track day bike to our challenging circuit.

A Bike Track Day is the next step up from a Bike Attack session and differs in that it is run on an ‘all-day’ basis. Bike Track Days need to be pre-booked and they run in sessions according to the riders' experience.

Three Sisters has an excellent range of corner types, from fast sweeping bends to tight hairpins, with straights long enough to move up the gears. There is also plenty of paddock space to take the biggest Gazebo or motorhome.

Bike Track Days are run in 15-minute sessions, in three groups as follows:

  • Novice - aimed at riders with little or no experience on a circuit;
  • Intermediate - for riders that are familiar with circuits and have done some track days before; and
  • Advanced - for experienced circuit riders only.

Whilst there are no speed limits, Bike Track Days are non-competitive events with timing or racing strictly forbidden.

Three Sisters is the perfect venue to learn the art of track riding and experience the thrill of riding your own bike at speed, whilst exploring its capabilities in a controlled and relaxed environment.

Important Information

The event will have marshals and medical cover. No helmet hire is available for this event. Bikes do not need a MOT but they must be fit for the event, be well maintained, and be capable of operating safely at the speeds that will be achieved.


  • £105 if pre-booked
  • £125 on the day

Event Format:

  • 8am - 8.15am - sign-on and noise testing
  • 8.30am - 8.45am - driver briefing
  • 9am - sighting laps

These sessions are repeated throughout the day until 5pm with a one-hour break for lunch.

Detailed Bike Track Day FAQs

Upcoming Bike Track Days

Circuit used for bike track days (click to enlarge) :