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Restrictions for TRACK ATTACK events under COVID-19

UK Government guidance

Please note these could change should new guidelines come into place.

  • One driver plus one 2nd driver or passenger allowed on your booked day.
  • No spectators.
  • No helmet hires available on the day - drivers must provide their own equipment..
  • All paperwork to be completed before the day and retuned by email to the office before the event along with a copy of your MOT and your driving licence.
  • Driver briefing/flags to be sent before the event.
  • All drivers, 2nd drivers and passengers to have temperature taken before entering the circuit and anyone with a temperature not allowed entry.
  • Wrist bands to be given out on the gate.
  • Mobile catering to be open.
  • Outside toilets to be open.
  • No showers.
  • Drivers to arrive 30 minutes before their session.
  • Maximum amount of time to stay at the circuit is 1 hour (unless booking more sessions).
  • Anyone NOT following the rules OR adhering to the social distancing measurement’s in place will be asked to leave the venue.

Please note: All drivers and plus one  must wear a facemask/balaclava in the car and around the venue. These are not supplied by the circuit so you must bring your own.