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For a guaranteed rush to the head, take it sideways!

It all started in 2015, in response to being asked by a bunch of local BDC drift competitors if they could bring their cars to the Three Sisters race circuit as they had nowhere local to practice. Since then, the circuit has provided the perfect environment for drift car hounds to skate sideways around the track. Attracting a huge spectator following, this is an increasingly popular grass-roots sport which draws as wide a variety of car models as it does adrenaline junkies.

Nothing beats a clear track, and where there’s a need for speed, Top Gun has nothing on us. We offer three different drift circuits: the Island Circuit is used for novice days, and we alternate the longer tracks for the other drift days. All this whilst they wrestle an unexpected manji, slip their diffs or reap the benefits of a shockwave of swing, which will take them into the next feint drift.

Drift drivers travel from far and wide to take part in our drift days, and we currently have drivers taking part in the British Drift Championship and DriftCup. They regularly book the circuit and put on an exhilarating show for spectators.

Three Sisters drifting is for fun; we do not offer competition events for this kind of motorsport. However, we do attract competition-class drivers who come along for our ‘Big Boys’ days, and they put on a thrilling spectacle. Novice drift days are generally quieter and a few of our regular drifters often come along to help newbies master basic drifting skills in an environment which is both safe and legal. If you are new to drifting then we ask you complete two novice days before moving up.

Drift Taxi Rides

If you are not quite ready to drift yourself, but you like the idea of being thrown sideways at speeds where screaming for more is the only skill required, then a Drift Taxi Ride with our own BDC drifter, Dango, will be perfect for you - just give us a call to book your place (taxi passengers must be over 11 years old and at least 4' 10" tall). In the meantime, practise your screaming for this insane taxi ride!


  • Novice Day: £65 for the day
  • Big Boy's Day: £85 for the day
  • Drift Taxi Ride: £25

Annual Drift Membership - £50

If you’re looking to attend our 2018 Drift events as a driver, and would like to take advantage of our membership scheme, please contact us at to find out about the discounts and freebies that this will entitle you to.

Circuits used for drifting (click to enlarge) :

2018 Drift Regulations (click image):

Main photograph by Stuart Sheil Photography