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Under 17 Driving School

Under 17 Driving School

...just £49 for 90 minutes.

If your child is between 11 and 16 years of age and can't wait to learn to drive, then the Three Sisters Under 17 Driving School is for you. Sign them up to practise some of the fundamental driving skills needed to drive on the open road.

The Experience

Youngsters can get behind the wheel on our new multi-activity area with instructors who are experienced, highly trained, and who have the skills to teach them the importance of driving in a safe and controlled manner. Young drivers can build their confidence in an environment that is both undemanding and promises to be great fun.

Since the need for safety is crucial in any driving situation, dual control cars are used to help assist and reassure young learner drivers as they become more accomplished behind the wheel.

The Programme

Drivers spend 90 minutes in the vehicle with two fellow students and their driving instructor. Sessions behind the wheel will be on rotation in equal time slots whilst those not driving watch from the rear seat. All three drivers remain under the direction of the instructor and benefit from each other's learning experiences throughout the entire programme. Students cover the following activities:

  • moving off and stopping,
  • steering and braking,
  • slalom and stop box,
  • emergency stops.


  • All cars feature dual controls.
  • Professional ADIs (Approved Driving Instructor).


To take part in this experience, drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age: 11 years.
  • Minimum height: 4' 10”.

All children must be accompanied by an adult who must remain onsite and be responsible for the children during the time of the booking.

Under 17 Driving School

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