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Loose Cannon Trackdays

Loose Cannon Trackdays logo

bike_sm.jpgLoose Cannon Trackdays Ltd is a family run business and was founded by motorcycle racer Jimmy 'the loose cannon' Buchanan. The events are based on what he wanted out of a track day.

Jimmy wanted space and track time to enjoy himself, to try new lines, different tyres and setting etc. To achieve this, Loose Cannon Trackdays Ltd limit the number of riders in a group to well under the track’s capacity. With less riders there is less traffic and time-consuming incidents. Jim says, "of course, this makes us a little more expensive than other organisers that pack their days, but we would rather focus on smaller groups."

Our website can be found at:

Dates for 2020:

  • Monday 2 March
  • Monday 16 March
  • Monday 30 March
  • Monday 15 June
  • Friday 26 June
  • Monday 29 June
  • Friday 4 September
  • Friday 11 September
  • Monday 12 October
  • Friday 23 October