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3S Winter Sprint Open Karting Championship

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Experience the excitement of sprint racing

The 3S Winter Sprint Championship is open to drivers with or without previous experience. The race format consists of a 5-minute warm-up, two 8-minute heats and a 10-minute final. The championship is run over three rounds with the best two to count (if drivers are equal on scores, the best three will count).

Each race features two classes:

1. Lightweight (under 85kg)
2. Heavyweight (85kg or over)

The weight threshold is the weight of the driver in race-trim i.e. in their race-suit with their helmet and seat-insert if applicable. All drivers take part in the same races but each class has separate championship points and trophies, leading to two champions: the lightweight champion and the heavyweight champion.

Drivers will be weighed before each race and assigned to a class accordingly. Weights cannot be carried for safety reasons, so if a driver is on the cusp and wishes to remain in one class throughout the season, they will need to ensure that they keep their bodyweight consistent from race to race.

Championship points for each class are scored in the final of each round, and the top three drivers for each class of each round will also receive monetary vouchers towards their next race entry fee (1st: £30, 2nd: £20, 3rd: £10). Trophies for each class will be given at the end of the championship, along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd monetary vouchers for each class with the same value as above.

  • Price: £63 per person per round.
  • Classes: Lightweight and Heavyweight.
  • Rounds: 3 (best 2 to count for championship).
  • Format: 5-minute warm-up, two 8-minute heats and a 10-minute final.

Drivers are welcome to enter individual events and not take part in the championship if they so choose.

Key information

  • Honda GX390cc powered Sodi RT10 karts.
  • All equipment provided.
  • Awards for the top three drivers in each class in each event
  • Must be 16 years of age or over.
  • Minimum driver height: 5'.
  • Maximum driver height: 6'8".
  • See our FAQs for body weight and shape advice.
  • Entries must be booked and paid for in advance.

Please note that if you intend to wear a race helmet provided by the circuit, you are also required to wear a balaclava. Please either bring one with you, or you can purchase one from the circuit for £4.

Circuit used (click to enlarge) :

Main photograph by Andrew Gale.

Three rounds (best two to count):


Current Championship Standings