Terms & Conditions for Individual Activities:

General Risk

Motorsport can be dangerous and as a participating individual using the facilities at Three Sisters Race Circuit, I acknowledge I will have been properly briefed on all relevant safety procedures and I accept that I will be undertaking this activity at my own risk.


These terms & conditions are in respect of individual bookings run by Motorsport Circuit Management Ltd (hereafter referred to as the Company) at Three Sisters Race Circuit. No modification or variation is allowed to this document unless it is given in writing and signed by both the Circuit-using Client and by the Company. Agreement to these Terms and Conditions is non-transferable and shall in all respects be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales.


Full payment must be made at the time of my booking and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Bookings may be accepted on the day of the individual event when space and availability permits.


I agree that in the event I/we arrive late, the Company may reserve the right to either refuse me/us entry to the event or reduce the timings of my/our event. However, the company will make every effort to assist when mutually agreed and genuine reasons have caused the delay in arrival.


Should the Company for whatever reason be unable to run the event due to circumstances beyond its control, then a full refund will be given. In the event of such cancellation and refund, I accept that I/we shall not be entitled to claim damages of any kind whether direct, indirect or consequential.

Personal property at own risk

I understand that all personal items and vehicles left within the Circuit grounds shall be deemed so left to be at the owners’ risk.

Refusal of Admission

The Company reserves the right to refuse entry to any person connected with the booking including the customer, their guests or sub-contractors.

Alcohol and Drugs

The Company operates a strict no alcohol and no drug policy. I accept that if in the opinion of the Company’s representatives at the venue, there is reason to believe that any customer, guest or driver is under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, then that person will not be permitted onto the circuit. In such circumstances, no refund will be made.


Suitable clothing must be worn for the conditions of an outdoor motor race circuit. I understand that no driving participant may, for safety reasons drive or ride on track wearing any hooded garments, ties or scarves, nor any shoes with heels or with open toes. All drivers are required to wear certain safety clothing and equipment for specific on-circuit events and activities. Details of these can be found on the Company’s website.

Video recording

I/we understand and accept that the use of helmet and/or chest mounted video cameras of whatever size is not permitted on track at Three Sisters at any time. The Company permits only the use of shoulder-mounted cameras on Karts, ‎and of vehicle-mounted cameras on karts and inside cars. No cameras of any kind may be worn, or fitted to the helmet of, any motorcycle rider. Cameras may be fitted to the motorcycle itself but only after a safety inspection of its fixing by, and to the satisfaction of, a Circuit Official.

Safe Circuit Use

Should the duty manager or the trackside officials consider any driving /riding to be unsafe or a danger to other track users, I agree that I/we shall accept all official decisions ‎and I understand that I/we shall be asked the leave the circuit and premises immediately without the refund of any prior payment.