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Three Sisters Gift Voucher

£10 £20 £30 £40 £50 £80 £100

minimum £10.00, maximum £500.00

Three Sisters gift vouchers make the perfect present for motorsport enthusiasts of any age. Available in various denominations from £10 upwards, and valid for twelve months from purchase, they can be used for any Three Sisters organised activity available at the circuit. Vouchers will be received the next working day after ordering.


Terms & Conditions

All Gift Vouchers:

1. Three Sisters gift vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be redeemed for an event/activity/session that takes place after the 12-month expiry date.

2. Three Sisters gift vouchers are monetary vouchers that can be used for part or full payment of any event/activity/session managed by, and held at, Three Sisters Circuit. They cannot be used for events that are held at the circuit but which are organised by third parties e.g. car experience days. If in doubt, check with our sales team as to which events/activities/sessions are acceptable.

3. If the price of the event/activity/session booked exceeds the monetary amount of the gift voucher, the balance must be paid in full by credit or debit card at the time of booking.

4. Three Sisters gift vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

5. Lost or stolen gift vouchers are non-refundable. Destroyed gift vouchers cannot be redeemed and will not be exchanged or refunded.

6. To redeem a gift voucher, an event/activity/session must be pre-booked by phone - there is no option for online or email voucher redemption.

Special Promotion Gift Vouchers (in addition to the above):

7. Any special offer promotional material mentioning monetary values, refers to the value of vouchers, not cash e.g. 'Buy £50 and get an extra £10' means that a gift voucher or vouchers with a total redemption value of £60 can be purchased for £50.

8. The redemption value of special promotion gift vouchers is limited to £200 for any one event/activity/session.

9. Special promotion gift vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers or promotional codes.