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Junior Owner/Driver Karting at Three Sisters

Junior Owner/Driver Karting

Three Sisters forms new in-house kart club

We are delighted to announce that we are forming our own Motorsport UK licensed kart racing club for 2/4 stroke owner-drivers. Three Sisters Kart Club Ltd will offer members short circuit classes from Bambino to 250 National.

Circuit Director Chris Pullman says: "We felt it was time to bring the promotion of Motorsport UK kart racing in-house and therefore we are forming our own club. We have always tried to create a professional image with all the activities we offer, and the new club will follow that line. Initially we will be offering testing sessions throughout the early part of the year, the first of which will be on Sunday, 9 February. Later in the year, the intention is to start organising race meetings with a full schedule of events planned for 2021."

Circuits used for O/D racing (click to enlarge) :