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Three Sisters Drift Days

Car drifting at Three Sisters

Upcoming Novice Drift Events

  • Time: 10am until 5pm
    Price: £95 per Novice Drifter
    Places available – call 01942 719030 to book

Upcoming 'Big Boys' Drift Events

Spectators are welcome to all our Drift events, regardless of whether or not they are sold out to competitors. Spectator entry is £10 per person but children under 16 get in free with an accompanying adult.

Upcoming 'RDX' Drift Academy Events

For a guaranteed rush to the head, take it sideways!

It all started in 2015, in response to being asked by a bunch of local BDC drift competitors if they could bring their cars to the Three Sisters race circuit as they had nowhere local to practice. Since then, the circuit has provided the perfect environment for drift car hounds to skate sideways around the track. Attracting a huge spectator following, this is an increasingly popular grass-roots sport which draws as wide a variety of car models as it does adrenaline junkies.

Drifting taster sessions available

We now have the UK’s premier RDX Academy Drift School based here at Three Sisters Circuit as their new home. RDX Drift Academy will be offering taster sessions for those who have never been on a track before, right through to more intense drifting courses.

Ideal if you want to drift at Three Sisters

If you have never been on a track before and are fresh to this motorsport, we ask that you attend an RDX taster session. This will help you to master controlled actions such as throttle and clutch control transitions, along with how to drift in and out of corners, all of which will help when you get onto a complex technical track such as The Three Sisters Circuit.

Once this taster session has been completed, you can then take part in our Novice days. We ask that you attend a minimum of two of these events before moving up to our Big Boys days. Novice drift days are generally quieter and a few of our regular drifters often come along to help newbies master basic drifting skills in an environment that is both safe and legal.

We offer three different drift circuits: the Island Circuit, used for Novice days, and then we have two longer tracks which we use for our other drift days (details shown below). Drivers can wrestle an unexpected manji, slip their diffs or reap the benefits of a shockwave of swing, which will take them into the next feint drift.

Three Sisters drifting is for fun; we do not offer competition events for this kind of motorsport on our Drift days. However, we do host top championship events such as Drift League GB, which attracts competition-class drivers who also often take part in our Big Boys days, during which they can be found putting on a thrilling spectacle.

All drift cars participating in a drift day at the venue must conform to our noise test limits, which are:

  • Drive by: 90 dB
  • Static: 100 dB


  • RDX Taster Day: click here for dates and prices
  • Novice Day: £95 for the day
  • Big Boy's Day: £109 for the day
  • Extra driver in the same group: £35
  • Driver Passengers: £27.50
  • Helmet hire: £14 per driver including balaclava.

Circuits used for drifting (click to enlarge) :

2024 Drift Regulations (click image):

2024 Noise Management Plan (click image):


Main photograph by Marc Sims