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Bike Attack

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Put your motorbike through its paces

If you're a keen biker, why not come to Three Sisters race circuit to get yourself and your bike into shape. The track offers an excellent range of corner types, from fast sweeping bends to tight hairpins, with straights long enough to move up the gears. All our bike events are supported by marshals and medical cover. Riders are required to wear protective clothing, which can be one- or two-piece, made of leather or textile.

Bike Attack

Bike Attack is open to the public for road-legal bikes with a full or A2 licence – just turn up on the day with your licence and MOT, and have a go on the circuit as many times as you like! You need to have either one- or two-piece leathers or protective clothing to go out on track. These days are run from 2pm to 8pm.

Two session classes are run: novice and advanced, riders being free to choose whichever class they think best suits their ability, and also being free to change their class throughout the day if they wish.

Please note that we do not allow slick tyres as this makes the bike non-road-legal and it is a road-legal event. Further to this, Bike Attack is wholly intended to be available for road bike riders on their road bikes; not racers on race bikes. Accordingly, tyre-warmers are not allowed to be used, and race numbers must not be visible on the bike.


  • 10 minute session: £15
  • 3 x 10 minute sessions: £37.50

Circuit used (click to enlarge) :

Main photographs by Andrew Gale.

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