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Car Track Days FAQs

Noise Regulations

  • All circuits in the UK have noise regulations. These regulations and limits are agreed with local councils in order that circuits do not produce noise that becomes a disturbance to its neighbours, and it is extremely important that these limits are adhered to by all participants.
  • The noise limits at Three Sisters are: Static: 105dB(A). Drive-by: 95dB(A).
  • The Static test is carried out using a hand held meter before a car can go out on circuit. Each car is measured 0.5 metres away from the exhaust at a 45 degree angle with the engine held at three-quarters of its maximum RPM. Where a car has multiple exhaust pipes, the measurement will be taken from the median point between the exhausts.
  • At Three Sisters, we have an automated drive-by noise meter that records the noise produced at speed by each vehicle at it passes the meter. The recorded readings are forwarded to the local council.
  • You car will be given a static noise test before the track day starts, and its drive-by noise will be monitored throughout the event.
  • Any car exceeding either the static or drive-by noise limits will be excluded from the event, and no refund can be facilitated.
  • As petrol heads ourselves, we understand the joy of a loud exhaust. However, when a car is circulating around the same piece of tarmac (like a race track) for any duration, we must all accept and understand that this noise can become a disturbance for the local communities. So please help us by making your car as quiet as possible before taking part in a track day.
  • Anyone wishing to have their car noise tested before their track day is welcome to make an appointment and come to the track for a free noise test. It takes about 5 minutes.
  • Factors such as air temperature, humidity, inlet systems, and exhaust age and condition can affect the level of noise that your car produces. If your car is within 1dB(A) of the limit, we strongly suggest you make plans to reduce the car's noise before you book on a future track day.
What is a Three Sisters Car Track Day?
  • A Car Track Day is a non-competitive event that takes place on a race track (or occasionally an airfield or MOD land) allowing drivers to explore the capabilities of a car and improve their driving technique in a safe and controlled environment. There's no oncoming traffic, no speed cameras and no speed limits, however there are some rules:
  • Overtaking is on the left side only, on the straights only, and by consent from the driver being overtaken. So close or aggressive driving is not allowed.
  • Driving standards are monitored throughout the event and drivers exhibiting poor or dangerous driving are removed from the circuit and offered guidance. Repeat offenders may be asked to leave the venue.
  • Track Days are friendly events with plenty of down time to chat with new friends and discuss a love of all things automotive.
  • If you haven't driven on circuit before, you are strongly advised to hire some in-car tuition with an instructor.
Is my car suitable for a track day?
  • Almost all road cars are suitable for one of our track days, so long as they meet the safety and noise limit requirements. The Three Sisters circuit is not particularly taxing on consumables such as tyres and brakes, but you will incur more wear than you normally would on the road.
  • Please don't think that to take part in a track day, you have to be in a fast or powerful car. Almost all modern cars are hugely capable machines, and can provide great fun on a circuit. In fact, weight (or lack of it) is way more important than power.
  • The trick is simply to drive within the capabilities of the car and yourself. Effective track driving is all about smoothness and efficiency, and some of the best instructors in the world use standard 4-door saloons to teach the craft.
Do I need to do anything to the car?
  • Your car must be in good working order and be able to pass an MOT.
  • The seatbelts must be fitted and working properly.
  • A towing eye must also be fitted to the front of the vehicle. Your car should have been supplied with one when new, so it should still have one.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the car remains in good condition for the duration of the track day. If Three Sisters officials deem your car not suitable or safe, we reserve the right to exclude the car from the track day.
  • Before the track day, you should check your tyre pressures, oil and water levels and seat belts.
  • You should also remove any loose items from the interior and the boot.
  • Your car will need to be able to pass the Static Noise Test before it goes on circuit, and not exceed the Drive-by Noise Limit whilst on circuit.
How much track time will I get?
  • We run our track days in sessions, with each session lasting 15 minutes. Drivers are split into 3 groups of up to 10 drivers per group. Please be aware that in the case of an  incident on the track this could cause  a delay in the track activity, the time lost in any session cannot be regained.
  • If you have 2 drivers sharing 1 car, you can either take it in turns to drive in your allotted group sessions, or you can buy a place in another group for the 2nd driver. In the case of the latter, although we will try to arrange it so that the shared car gets a 15 minutes break between each of the 2 driver’s sessions, it cannot be guaranteed. You should also make sure that your car is capable of running on track for up to 30 minutes in any hour with limited time available to cool down.
Do I need a crash helmet and what do I wear?
  • All drivers and passengers must wear a suitable crash helmet (not off road style motorcycle helmets) and have their legs and arms covered at all times while on circuit. A T-shirt and shorts is not acceptable. Please wear something with long sleeves and full length trousers or jeans.
  • If you do not have a suitable crash helmet, we have full face helmets for hire (see additional items) and plenty of sizes to suit all requirements.
What do I need to bring?
  • A car!
  • Your driving licence.
  • Your vehicle's MOT certificate.
  • A crash helmet if you have one, and the correct clothing.
  • A towing eye for your car.
How old do I have to be?
  • Drivers and passengers need to be minimum 17 years of age.
Do I need a full (not provisional) DVLA driving licence?
  • Yes, you do need to hold a full unrestricted and valid DVLA licence. There is no restriction regarding how long you have held the licence. You will need to present your DVLA licence for inspection at Signing On, so please bring it with you.
What happens if I’ve lost my DVLA licence?
  • If you have lost your DVLA licence, we can use the on-line DVLA system to check that you have a valid licence. Prior to the track day, you will need to go to and create a licence check code. Once you have the code, you will need to contact the Three Sisters office on the day before your track day so it can be verified. Then on the track day itself, you will need to bring two further proofs of identity, at least one of which must have a photo as part of it.
  • If you have lost your ACU licence, we are unable to check this online and you would require a replacement licence to show on the day.
Can I have a passenger in my car while on circuit?
  • Yes, but the maximum number of occupants can be no more than 2 in total.
  • Your passenger can be anyone between the ages of 17 and 75.
  • The passenger does not need to have a DVLA driving license but they do need to have their arms and legs covered (a T shirt and shorts is not acceptable) and wear a suitable crash helmet.
  • Passengers need to sign on before going on circuit, and will need to receive a quick safety briefing.
Can anyone else drive my car on circuit?
  • Yes, you can allow someone else to drive your car on circuit, but you do so entirely at your own risk. So make sure you trust them! They will need to sign on as a driver, present their DVLA Driving Licence and attend the Drivers Briefing at the start of the event.
what happens if the weather is poor?
  • It is extremely rare that we have to cancel a track day due to adverse weather conditions. Usually, if the weather conditions make the circuit unsafe, then we will delay the circuit activity until the conditions improve enough to continue. If the circuit condition is deemed unsafe without any activity taking place on a track day, your booking will be transferred to a suitable alternative. Because of the variances in weather forecasts, in most cases the decision regarding whether a track day will run will be taken on the morning of the event.
  • Rain and wet weather alone will not cause the track day to be cancelled or delayed. In fact, wet weather is a great opportunity to master the skills required to drive effectively on a wet surface. Most good circuit drivers love the wet!
What happens if I arrive late?
  • Please allow plenty of time for your journey to the circuit. However, if you are late, don't worry, you will not lose your place. On arrival please report to the circuit office. We will get you signed on and provide you with a 1 to 1 safety briefing. However, you may have to wait if the instructors are busy, and you may miss some track time, so please be patient if there is a delay on getting you out on circuit.
What if I'm a bit slow out on track?
  • Don’t worry. We run our track days in sessions, so we will endeavour to put you in a group that most suits your ability and that of your car.
  • If you've never driven on a circuit before, we strongly suggest you book some in-car tuition from one of our Instructors to help you increase your pace in a relaxed, safe, and controlled environment.
What if I'm faster than most of the other drivers?
  • Don’t worry. We run our track days in sessions, so we will endeavour to put you in a group that most suits your ability and that of your car.
Do I need insurance?
  • No. There is no requirement for your car to be insured on a track day.
  • Whilst accidents on track days are rare, by using your car on track you do so entirely at your own risk. It is unlikely that your normal road insurance policy provides cover on a track day, although some do.
  • If insurance is important to you, then check with your insurer.
  • There are also specialist insurers that can be found on the web that provide daily cover for track days with reasonable premiums.
What happens if I spin whilst on the circuit?
  • If you spin, you will be black flagged (requested to come off the track) and need to report to a Track Official.
  • He/she will discuss the circumstances of your spin and offer advice where necessary.
  • Drivers who continually spin causing a hazard to other participants may be excluded from the track activity.
What happens if I have accident that causes damage to my car?
  • Track days are generally very safe, but it's true to say that accidents do occasionally happen.
  • If you are involved in an accident on track, any damage to your vehicle is solely your responsibility.
  • If the car cannot return to the pits under its own power, the Track Officials will remove it, usually by towing it or putting it on a flat bed trailer and deposit it in the paddock area.
  • If the car cannot be repaired in order to make it worthy for road use, you will need to arrange for the car to be transported away from the venue.
If I damage my car in an accident on circuit, who will pay for the repairs?
  • Any damage to your vehicle and the cost of subsequent repairs is entirely your own responsibility.
  • By signing the Disclaimer at Signing On, and taking part in the track activity, you accept this responsibility and agree that the organisers, venue, other participants, any other organisations or people cannot be held responsible.
Can I use my own recording equipment?
  • Yes, but must it must be fitted to the car securely and safely using mounting systems specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Any mounting system utilising suction or adhesive mounts will need to have a secondary secure mount such as a tether.
  • The Track Officials reserve the right to ask you to remove the unit if they do not feel it is safe or secure.
Is there catering at the event?
  • Yes, the Three Sisters cafe will be open through the event serving hot food and refreshments.
Can I buy fuel at the circuit?
Does Three Sisters hire out cars for track days?
  • No, we don’t hire out cars.