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Owner/Driver Karting at Three Sisters

Owner/Driver Karting

Three Sisters forms new in-house kart club

We are delighted to announce that we are forming our own Motorsport UK licensed kart racing club for 2/4 stroke owner-drivers. Three Sisters Kart Club Ltd will offer members short circuit classes from Bambino to 250 National.

Circuit Director Chris Pullman says: "We felt it was time to bring the promotion of Motorsport UK kart racing in-house and therefore we are forming our own club. We have always tried to create a professional image with all the activities we offer, and the new club will follow that line."

4-Stroke Pro-Kart Endurance Races

Do you own a twin-engined 4-stroke pro-kart and want to see how it handles on a real race track? If the answer is yes, the Three Sisters 2-hour Owner/Driver Endurance Race will definitely test you and your kart to the max. Will you have the skill to master the low- and high-speed corners on the North West’s premier outdoor kart track? ...does your kart have the pace for the lengthy straights? you have the determination to keep going for the whole race?

The Owner Driver Endurance Race can be entered individually or as a team of up to four drivers. Racing against fellow kart owners, this highly competitive event begins with a full safety briefing. There then follows a 20-minute practice session and a 10-minute qualification period to establish the starting positions. Then the 2-hour race begins.

Event Format

  • 20-minute practice
  • 10-minute qualifier
  • 2-hour endurance race
  • awards for the top three positions.


  • Winter: £105 per team paid up to 24hrs in advance,
    or £125 on the day.
  • Summer: £110 per team paid up to 24hrs in advance,
    or £130 on the day.

Teams can have up to four drivers and must have a unique team name and race number. To check that your chosen team name and number is available, please email the office at

Three Sisters Race Regulations

Circuits used for O/D racing (click to enlarge) :

Main photograph by Jay Adair Motorsport Photography

Upcoming O/D Races and Practice

O/D 4 Stroke Race - Summer Championship

Date: Wednesday, 16th March 2022
Time: 5pm to 10pm
Cost: £115 per Owner Driver 200

Call 01942 719030 to book

  • 4 Stroke Kart Practice

    Time: 2pm to 4pm
    Price: £35 per Owner Driver 200
    More Information
  • O/D 4 Stroke Race - Summer Championship (R.1)

    Time: 5pm to 10pm
    Price: £115 per Owner Driver 200
    More Information

F100 Test Day

Sunday 23rd January 2022, 10am - 4pm 
Price for the day is £65 pp

Entry >

If you have an Alpha account, you MUST login in with your normal username and password. You will also be asked to upload your licence number. If you do not have an Alpha account, you can create one by clicking new account within the Alpha System.

Classes available are:

  • Bambino
  • Honda Cadet / Honda Rookie
  • Senior 2 Stroke
  • Senior 4 Stroke
  • Junior 2 Stroke
  • Junior 4 Stroke

If you do not hold a current MSUK Licence (any grade), you  must apply for a Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence via the following link.
It is FREE and will be instantly downloaded to your email inbox. You will then be able to enter the event with your new licence number. RS Clubman Link >